Duetto Oro Nero

129,00 incl. BTW


Combining metal and leather in a beautifully innovative contrast.

Het Duetto Oro Nero fiets ophangsysteem is de echte eye-cather in de Duetto familie door het gebruik van hoog kwalitatieve materialen eThe Duetto bike rack is the eye-catcher within the Duetto family because of the use of high-quality materials and the addition of subtle accents. The tanned leather will keep your bike in the best condition. Due to its luxurious character, the Duetto is even more appealing. The installation of the Duetto is identical to all other products within this family.


  • Compatible with 99% of race and classic bicycles with a top tube.
  • Metal base, stronger than many competitors’ products.
  • Can hold bicycles up to 25 kg/55 lbs.
  • Suitable for all types of brick, masonry or concrete walls.
  • Plugs and screws are included.

Ø 42mm x L 325mm | DIA 1,65″ x 12,8″
Max. handlebar width: 600mm/23,6″


Aluminium, leather & brass [Oro Nero]

Anodized black & black leather [Oro Nero]

Belgium, Europe